Summer Loops

From the hordes of tourists clogging up the Metro to the rivers of sweat that rival the Potomac, a lot of things make a DC summer. In 2018, we brought together 17 of DC’s animation talent to visually showcase what a DC summer means to them as short animated loops. The event took place in the gallery space of Dupont Underground with a very uniquely DC experience: a live Go-go performance and DC Summer Loops!


The Event

Roughly 100 attendees looped around the singularly circular gallery space of Dupont Underground, contemplating the depth of our (totally intentional) concept of an endlessly looping gallery displaying endlessly looping animations. So meta. 

Washington DC is more than just bureaucracy and suits, it's a community full of talented motion designers and animators. #DCinMotion is a space to bring all of that talent together in one room.