Thursday, April 8th   |   6:00 PM

Pitch It: How to navigate client relationships.

Sometimes collaborating with a client can take ideas to new heights. But sometimes, they can feel like sticky situations that are difficult to navigate. Whether you're with a studio, partnering with an agency, or flying solo, knowing how to navigate relationships is a vital skill to have. 

Join us on Thursday, April 8th for 'How to navigate client relationship' where we'll talk with a panel of folks on ways to make sure you're advocating for yourself.




Tiffany Lewis is a Creative Director at LAI Video in D.C. Her background is in motion graphics and editing but at this point, she's done a little bit of everything! In her spare time, she works on various crafts (gluing eyeballs on stuff is crafting right?) and making sure her cats don't destroy everything.  


Zoë Soriano is a Freelance Motion Designer currently located in Washington, D.C. She has a love for creating animations that evoke an illustrative and hand-done feel in an increasingly technological world. Zoë is a fierce activist for social and environmental issues and enjoys working with clients who have similar missions. 


Alex Herder is the core Creative Director, de-wonkifier, and master string-puller of DC-based studio Duke & Duck. Some of Duke & Duck’s clients include non-profits like the Pew Charitable Trusts, advocacy groups like the ACLU, and corporations like Patagonia and Nestlé.

Washington DC is more than just bureaucracy and suits, it's a community full of talented motion designers and animators. #DCinMotion is a space to bring all of that talent together in one room.