Thu, November 19   |   6:00 PM


An Interview with Chris Wade

"Maybe I can make a movie!"

Have you ever heard, or said those words? It's definitely an ambitious task but that doesn't mean its impossible! In fact, one man is taking on that challenge head-on! At Behind the Keyframes with Creator/Director Christopher Wade, he will take us on a journey of how he is developing his animated film The Will of Monsters. From building the setting and the characters who inhabit it, to the techniques, tools, and mindsets that help him along the way, Chris will guide us through a demo with TVPaint while sharing some of his experiences in creating such a magical realm.


About the Speaker:

By day, Christopher Wade works with CACI, a government contractor as a Video/Graphics Designer and Chief of Photography. But by night, Chris answers his true calling as a Freelance Animator and Creator! He was a LipSync animator for Netflix's Bojack Horseman (contracting through PipSqueak Films) and is currently developing a young-adult action-adventure fantasy film called The Will of Monsters. In his spare time, Chris likes to cook, indulge in video games and enjoys photographing nature. Of course he also loves watching cartoons and talking about cinematic storytelling as a vocal proponent of indie-animation.



Making your Film a Magical Reality

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