Motion Mentorship


Things are confusing enough as it is. Whether you’re a recent graduate, just starting your own career in motion graphics/animation, or a student waiting to go back to school in the Fall, we’re learning to adapt to new circumstances of learning. What we hope to achieve in this program is to facilitate mentorship and help foster an extra “lifeline” to mentees - Someone who can give feedback and “real world” expertise of motion graphics from those “out in the field.” 

13 week period of biweekly (7 weeks) 

Mentees are encouraged to pick 3 pieces of work that they would like to focus on and work through with their mentor. Perhaps one that you like, one that you don’t like, and one you feel challenged by. 

Application period: August 10th - 28th
Kick-Off Party: September 8th
Check-ins: September 28, October 26 
Wrap Party: December 1st, 2020

Wrap Party

Washington DC is more than just bureaucracy and suits, it's a community full of talented motion designers and animators. #DCinMotion is a space to bring all of that talent together in one room.